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Howard Borochaner


Howard Borochaner has enjoyed years of success in the IT support and MSP market sectors. He’s a seasoned professional who was involved in the startup of one of the country’s first and most successful MSPs, Dynamic Digital Services. Howard partnered with Gary Pica to alter the company’s approach of standard technology support, to the comprehensive support model of Managed Services.

Howard has successfully built and managed business operations for his entire career, spanning more than three decades. He has played integral roles in the development and growth of three industry leading MSPs, including mindSHIFT Technologies, and Apex IT Group. In each of these corporations Howard has also contributed as either a partner or an investor. His leadership has helped transform and grow each enterprise. His efforts have fostered the rapid growth and financial success of each organization. Howard’s creativity, focus, and hard work have led to the development of industry pioneering operations processes and practices. Howard is also an expert at recognizing talent. In each role he has held, he has been responsible for staff development and maintenance of company culture and values.

In 2018, Howard developed a coaching program called Project Fuel to help MSPs develop their professional services and project team delivery areas. In addition, he has recognized the proposal development bottleneck that exists within the MSP space. He has developed an outsourced design desk service, Design Desk Fuel, that helps MSPs fulfill the technology alignment process. These two programs help round out service delivery and have a significant effect on MSP profitability.

When off the grid, Howard enjoys spending time with his family. Howard’s passions beyond the realm of business technology support are boating, playing guitar, and sports.