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Design Desk Program Overview

Design Desk Fuel is an outsourced design desk department for the MSP. This service provides quick development of IT proposals to your clients. RFPs are completed within 5 days, so that you can easily and reliably deliver enterprise IT solutions, PC products and delivery services, and T&M services. Expedited proposals can be processes for client immediate needs when required. We will use your ERP, PSA, proposal development software, and technical documentation library to quickly develop accurate proposals that meet your client’s business requirements.


  • Provides industry standard proposals that give your engineers enough time to complete project work profitably, and on time
  • Helps maintain the project backlog, and increases the MSPs rate of generation of professional services and non-recurring revenue
  • Drastically reduces the reliance on project engineers for proposal design, and keeps them focused on project work
  • We will report Design Desk performance KPIs weekly to your management dashboard, and provide a quarterly summary report with critical data to help you gauge performance
  • Provides a resource for the VCIO to engage with to expedite proposal turnaround.
  • Increases output of proposals, and signoff on product and professional services proposals
  • Helps the VCIO fulfill the technology alignment process for the client by promoting the quick replacement of failing and compromised systems. This ultimately reduces TPE and RHEM across the client base
  • Helps the MSP drive technology standards into the client base

Engaging in the Design Desk Fuel Program

It’s easy! Reach out to us using our contact form to schedule an appointment, or call our office at 215-429-7290. We will start by answering the questions that you have and determine if the program is right for your business. Next, we will engage in the onboarding process to make sure we are prepared to expedite the delivery of proposals.