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Project Fuel Program Overview

Project Fuel is a program dedicated to helping MSPs deliver meticulous project services to their valued clients. Our mission is to take powerful tools and processes and turn them into documented and successful operational practices. The program consists of a fusion of processes and tools that can be used to develop and manage a project team in the MSP space. Our tools are easy to implement, and the results can be measured immediately in terms of resource utilization and profitability. Upon program completion, your professional services team leader or project manager will be in a position to maintain and grow the project team.


  • Easy to implement systems that integrate with your existing tools and practices
  • A proven program that will have immediate impact on client satisfaction, and client retention
  • Our clients experience an immediate increase in professional services revenue, with targeted focus project engineer billing utilization
  • The Project Fuel Program is designed to improve service team culture
  • Learn the formulas for building and maintaining a professional services backlog
  • We will help you identify, understand, and track the key performance indicators for professional services department success

We will engage in the analysis of your existing Project Team personnel and processes. We’ll then measure current performance levels and recent revenue generation trends. Next, we will determine the deltas between your current and best practices and then create a targeted improvement plan that will result in tangible and measurable improvements to process and revenue. An assessment summary report will be delivered as a roadmap to improve results.


In the build phase, we will get together with your team. We will engage in orientation to professional services practices and tools that your project team can implement to achieve outstanding results. Some of the key aspects of this phase of the program are:

    • Learn how a world class professional services teams operate
    • Achieve organizational alignment on project team processes that will be implemented
    • Learn about dedicated roles within the project team
    • Learn how to grow the professional services backlog
    • Adopt critical KPIs and achievable performance targets
    • Set project engineer billing and effective utilization KPI targets
    • Learn how to use Project Fuel tools developed to measure and analyze Project Team performance

In this phase of the program, we will complete the professional services team initiatives and tools implementation. Your Project Fuel consultant will remain engaged and help you stay on track to make sure all critical aspects of the program have been implemented, and the expected results have been achieved.


Engaging In The Project Fuel Program

It’s easy! Reach out to us using our contact form to schedule an appointment, or call our office at 215-429-7290. We will start by answering the questions that you have. Next, we will engage in the three phases of the program.